V Series

ITU recommendations covering data transmission over telephone circuits.


Standard serial port (equivalent to RS-232C).


Value Added Network
 - Network built using the communications offerings of traditional common carriers, but connected to computers that permit new types of telecoms tariffs to be offered.


Communication using systems which support image, voice and data transfer over digital circuits. Video-conferencing systems can take the form of large, dedicated units for group meetings or can be integrated with desktop PCs.


Visually Impaired Operator Console Attachment

Visual Mailboxes

A way for you to view, analyse and manage your unified messages from you PC screen.


A configuration of personal voice mailboxes in which messages can be stored.

Voice messaging system

Hardware and software products that operate with most PBX, hybrid or key systems allowing users to send, receive and redirect voice messages through office telephone systems and computers. Also called voice mail.

Voice processing system

Hardware and software products that encompass voice messaging, voice recognition, voice response and any applications that deal with the processing of voice communications.

Voice recognition

A system that translates human voice into computer commands. Also known as speech recognition.

Voice response system

A computer connected device that can selectively link sentences of stored words to create an appropriate spoken message.


Virtual Private Network - The provision of facilities normally associated with a private telecoms network over the shared lines, exchanges, and switches of a public network.