Fast Ethernet

A version of Ethernet operating at 100 Mbit/s over twisted-pair and optical fibre cabling.


Fibre Distributed Data Interface
An industry standard fibre optic LAN with a data rates of 100 Mbit/s.

Fibre Optic Cable

A fibre optic cable in which individual optical fibres are formed into a cable for primary use in side building.

Fibre Optics

The technique of conveying lights or images through glass or plastic fibres. Incoherent fibre optics will transmit light but not an image; coherent fibre optics will transmit both and should actually be called "aligned fibre optics" because the fibres are all the same length and are held in a constant spatial relationship.

Fibre Optic Connectors

Connectors designed to connect and disconnect either single or multiple optical fibres repeatedly. Fibre optic connectors are use to connect fibre cable to equipment and interconnect cables.

Fibre Channel

A high-speed system bus, specified to support data transfer between hosts, host-to-storage device, and channel-to-LAN.


A security system that prevents computers on a network from communicating directly with computers on another network. Instead, all communication is routed through a proxy server, which determines whether a particular message or file may pass to or from the host.

Flow Control

A mechanism used to manage the frame/packet transfer rate between devices on a network. Often accomplished by source “throttling”.


A Data Link Layer (Layer 2) message used within LANs.

Frame Relay

Data network ideally suited to "bursty" traffic.

Full-Duplex Transmission

Transmission over 2 channels in both directions simultaneously.